Table Name or Number Cards

Table Name and Number Cards Additional Information

Table Name and Number Cards printed for all special occasions.  Printed on hammered card in either white or ivory.

Numbers/design printed on both sides and text can be printed in any colour to match your colour scheme.

Its popular to choose table names rather than table numbers.  Its actually quite easy to think of something if your try. Think of a small list of things which are personal to you set around your wedding theme, places you’ve been or hobbies and interests.

Here a list below of other table name ideas, this is only a small selection of what you could choose…the list really is endless!

Flower names
Favourite restaurants
Holidays destinations
Underground Stations

Thinking of a list of names for your table should be a fun thing to do, I wouldn’t worry too much if you can’t think of anything; remember Table 1, Table 2 etc works just fine.